About Me

    I began my career as a massage therapist at the Pittsburgh School Of Massage Therapy, learning from many of the best in the business. I graduated with a comprehensive knowledge of many varying forms of massage including; Swedish, Sports, Myofascial and Neuromuscular. My focus with each client is to make a positive change. Each session is customized to your needs and may incorporate numerous types of massage therapy. I’m currently practicing at Amarah Studio and Boutique.

    My approach to releasing trigger points is methodical and effective. I typically begin by warming the muscles with deep Swedish massage, this increases circulation and can be very relaxing. After this, I address the trigger points directly by slowly compressing them. Many would describe this therapy as deep tissue. 

    But what are trigger points, you might ask? Our muscles can easily become overworked in day to day life and we often carry more tension than we realize. When a singular muscle or a muscle group is over used, they can easily develop trigger points. These points not only cause pain where they are found in a muscle but also in adjacent areas. This phenomenon is called a referred pain pattern. Trigger points can even restrict movement due to shortened muscle fibers. Upon releasing trigger points, clients often experience improved muscle performance and decreased pain levels.

    I am very passionate about helping my clients to achieve their goals. I believe massage therapy is an important part of wellness. Whether you are stressed, in pain or want to improve your athletic performance, I highly recommend adding massage therapy to your wellness program. I look forward to hearing from you!


Jason Born, LMT